6 investment formulas for financial success

Charles Sachs, Chief Investment Officer at Kaufman Rossin Wealth, has provided his insights to Bankrate for the online article, “6 investment formulas for financial success” written by Jennifer Lawler and Brian Baker. The story details six formulas to help consumers better understand their financial life and make better money decisions, featuring quotes from Charles on how inflation rates affect purchasing power and the importance of building an investment portfolio around financial goals rather than target returns.

Article Excerpt:

“You’re losing to inflation every year,’ says Charles Sachs, a wealth manager at Kaufman Rossin Wealth in Miami. ‘Long term, inflation runs about 3 percent. So your money buys half as much in 20 years.’

In other words, leaving your money stuffed under your mattress creates a real risk that you’ll have significantly less purchasing power than if you had invested it. Calculating your real return helps you figure out what your future purchasing power is likely to be.”

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Charles Sachs, CFA, CFP®, is a Chief Investment Officer at Kaufman Rossin Wealth, LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser.